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Dress-up and fun-raise to help save endangered species
during Wild Onesie Week 2016.

Wild Onesie Week is a fun campaign encouraging Australians to wear an animal onesie to raise funds and awareness for the conservation of endangered species in Australia and abroad.

The week will kick-off on World Environment Day on Sunday 5 June and will run until Saturday 11 June 2016.

So cast your inhibitions aside, wear an animal onesie while going about your daily business. Join the growing menagerie of Australians who are making a stand for endangered species that cannot help themselves like a vulnerable Australian native species - the green turtle.

Wild Onesie Week is over for another year.
A massive onesie thank you to our amazing Wild Onesie Community.

See you next year!

The Wild Onesie Community

Will you be one of them in 2016?
Just like the wonderful onesie wearers who have registered their fundraising pages below,
get in on the action today and register for Wild Onesie Week.

Be part of your Wild Onesie Community.

Dive into Wild Onesie Week!

Our CEO Dermot and his bale of turtles took up the challenge and went scuba-diving in green turtle onesies at Manly’s Shelley Beach.

What fun challenge will you take up during Wild Onesie Week?


Don’t want to wear a onesie on your own-sie? We all know there’s power in numbers, so gather your mates to form an ‘Embarrassment of Pandas’, a ‘Mob of Wallabies’, or a ‘Bale of Turtles’, or unleash whatever your inner animal may be!

Then during Wild Onesie Week, wear your onesie for a day or even the whole week.


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Our Goals

Follow the fund-o-meter below and help to support WWF’s essential conservation work – protecting the habitat and ensuring the survival of endangered species locally and around the world.

Buy a onesie

100% certified cotton

Panda, turtle & wallaby designs

One size fits most

Want to get your Limited Edition official WWF onesies in time for Wild Onesie Week?

Along with our popular panda and rock-wallaby onesies, WWF is excited to introduce a brand new species into the official range in 2016, as voted in by our loyal social media community. Swimming into the line-up this year is a world-first ‘green turtle onesie’. The design of this onesie showcases the unique characteristics of the endangered green turtle, one of WWF-Australia's priority species.

What makes our onesies even more unique is that they are ethically produced at a Fair Trade certified factory and made using 100% certified organic cotton.

They truly are ‘onesies of a kind’. So place your order today for a WWF panda, rock-wallaby onesie or green turtle before they climb, bounce or swim off the shelf! Alternatively, you can borrow a friend’s animal onesie, buy one second-hand or even make your own!

They are available to purchase now by visiting below at CostumeBox.

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